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Betrayal. This is what the UEEF's long struggle against the Invid has finally wrought. The "Children of Shadow" the Haydonites, once allies, have betrayed the Humans, and once again Humanity finds itself in another war it did not ask for. Earth is reclaimed, but at what cost? Billions are dead, and the Invids departure has robbed earth of its most precious resource: Protoculture, and the only known remaining Matrix to make more is on board the SDF 3 which has vanished to places unknown.

The Haydonites betrayal has cut deep and the loss of Protoculture has left Earth beleaguered defenders reeling, but there is light among the darkness. Earth has been reclaimed, and there will be time to rebuild. New alliances have been forged, and for once Earth is not alone in her struggles. Mankind has grown, leaving its cradle of Mother Earth behind and opening up new areas of space to exploration, it has come of age in a time of war even as it looks forward to one day where it no longer has to fight for its very existance.

It is in this time of uncertainty and change that heroes will rise from the ranks of ordinary soldiers. It is a time ripe for those who would achieve greatness to do so. Behind a backdrop of war and strife, a new generation will rise from the ashes of Earths tattered civilization to become: Misfits!

Tales of the Misfits, the Shadow Chronicles is a friendly Roleplaying Game played on OpenRPG taking place in the year 2044 shortly after the Haydonite betrayal, the retaking of Reflex Point, and the disappearance of the SDF-3. The players will take the roles of the new and improved Misfit Unit, which has survived from its founding in 2014, and now much like Skull Squadron has become legendary through its many deeds during the ongoing 4th Robotech War

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